Asset Protection and Preservation

Here at Rig-Tech we fully appreciate the financial impact corrosion can have on key assets which are both in and out of service. Loss of efficiency, downtime, labour and material costs for repairs all need to be considered. The challenging economic downturn has caused businesses to search for long term, cost effective solutions to these problems.

Rig-Tech can provide the engineered solution to warm/cold stack such assets, we have proven technologies/solutions to protect vital equipment such as :

Wire Winches – Can be greased and covered with Vci film.
Risers – Can be fogged with Vci powder and capped to protect the open ends.
Mud Treatment/Bulk Storage – Vci powder Introduced providing upto 3 years protection.
Loose Drilling Equipment/Spares – Packed in Vci film and emitters/desiccant packs Installed.
Electrical Equipment/Junction Boxes – Vci emitters fitted.
Lifeboats/Safety Critical Equipment – Protection provided using shrink film and emitters.
Hydraulic and Gear Boxes – Vci can be Introduced and agitated into such systems to protect Internal operations, Externally we can coat in films and greases.

* For all Internal added Inhibitors we can provide compatibility testing by our Global Lab to ensure our products will not be detrimental to your systems.

We have worked with Major operators Globally on MDUs/Fixed/Semi/FPSO and Onshore facilities such as Petrochemical/Nuclear/Power stations.

For all preservation works a full survey will be conducted and a detailed proposal submitted highlighting all applicable areas to protect so all parties have a clear understanding of the S.O.W.