Protecting Flange Assemblies


The Problem

Flange, valve and welded-joint corrosion costs clients millions annually!

  • Complex geometry of flanges prevents effective surface preparation and coating
  • Frozen nuts and bolts
  • Weakened weld joints
  • Loss of containment

The Impact

  • Maintenance costs
  • Downtime required for dismantling corroded flange assemblies for inspections, equipment removal, flange blinding, etc.
  • Hot work repair of severely corroded flanges adds to downtime and costs
  • Labour and equipment repairs and logistics can be costly, especially for offshore facilities
  • Unscheduled stoppages due to corrosion-related leaks.

The Solution

Below outlines the features for the solution, Zerust Transparent Flange Savers.

  • Rugged & transparent UV-resistant film cover designed for severe outdoor exposure.
  • Proven Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) in film.
  • Easy installation and removal in minutes without special equipment.
  • Transparent film allows for visual monitoring of corrosion and/or leaks inside the Flange Saver.
  • Provides up to four years of corrosion protection in outdoor and offshore environments.
  • Inexpensive, simple, highly effective and versatile.
  • Inhibits additional corrosion even after corrosion has started; little/no surface prep required.
  • Sized to fit standard flanges; custom sizes are available.
  • Provides corrosion protection for FPSOs, jetties, offshore platforms & rigs, and other applications.