Aboveground Storage Tanks – Chime Ring Dry

Project Summary

The NTIC® Zerust® team was awarded a project aimed to provide corrosion protection to the underside surfaces of two tanks located in a hot desert climate.

Goals and Objectives

  • Installation of the “Chime Ring Dry” IDS
  • Sealing of the tank chime area
  • Injection of Zerust Zerion FVS Inhibitor Slurry into the installed “Chime Ring Dry” IDS
  • Installation of FVS corrosion inhibitor mesh sleeves within the installed “Chime Ring Dry” IDS

Product(s) Used

  • Zerion® FVS Dry Powder
  • Zerust® Zerion® FVS corrosion inhibitor was to be placed around the tank chime using the “Chime Ring Dry” inhibitor delivery system (IDS).


Vessel(s) Diameter: 30’


  • The installation of a Zerust IDS solution was completed on both tanks with success.
  • The client stated that they were pleased with the quality of work.


  • Tank SSB IDS systems can be replenished while the tank is in operation.
  • VCIs offer non-permanent corrosion protection at the molecular level that is safe and eco-friendly.
  • Corrosion protection for voids and interstices that are impossible to protect with other methods.
  • VCI dispersion ensures uniform distribution across the tank bottom.
  • Maintenance time is significantly reduced.